Connected without internet

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@Ilyas , 1. Can you share the modem model or spec? Does this issue get resolved when you disconnect and reconnect wifi? And how many DHCP devices are totally connected to it?

Most lco provided devices are of a limited capability. It's recommended to put that ont in 'bridge mode', and get another capable router to do pppoe, dhcp, wifi etc.

At a 2k budget, archer C6 can be considered.

If you've budget is more, larger no of devices, or wifi coverage area req is larger, definitely consider a better router like Asus, a mesh wifi etc

2. What DNS is currently being used? Try changing to Google dns?
hello all, the model is OP-XONT71110N. If turmed off and turned on it connects. I does work on LAN. And not able to connect multiple devices for browsing. DNS is Auto.