Connecting Voip Over Bsnl Dataone Smartax Mt 841 Router

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Dear Friends,1. I purchased BSNL Dataone broadband; installed BSNL Dataone SmartAX MT 841 router2. There are 4 ports on the router; I connected PC and Laptop to two of the ports and Internet is ON.....working well. Great.3. Now I connected a VOIP box (VONAGE subscription type) on yet another port and then inturn connected a phone to the VOIP box. I actually got the dial tone a few days ago and did speak across; although the line quality was not good. Now, my problem is I am not getting a dial tone and instead it gives me a "beep"..."beep" sound continuously.5. I changed a few Router settings (example ADSL 2+ to ADSL) and tried a few more combinations and all that does not seem to help.4. I am keen to hear feedback and experience of a user with the above router so that I can understand the settings done on the BSNL Router.RegardsRK
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