Connectivity limited to 2G

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Airtel 100Mbps
Airtel 4G, Jio4g
(Past - Railwire 100Mbps, Jio Fiber 500Mbps)
The primary device(Samsung) which had airtel 4G SIM, was working fine the previous week. One day when I turned on the internet, I found that it didn't connect. I checked my airtel app and found that the plan expired that day itself. So I immediately recharged it with a plan. Despite having a plan, it didn't connect to the internet and that's when I noticed that VoLTE too wasn't available. I'm able to receive and make phone calls but that's using 2G.

Expecting it to be a device issue, I switched the SIM to another phone and to my surprise, the SIM wasn't being detected. I inserted it in other devices and it was still not being detected on any of them. And it's not that when inserted in my other phones, the issue is with the network, but the SIM itself isn't being detected. (So I can't play with the network settings)
On the other hand, my Jio SIM is working fine on the Samsung phone. I raised a complaint via the app but that didn't help it.

I'm guessing I need to get another SIM instead. Please help.