continuous monitoring

new delhi
Airtel Xstream
Is there any software with which i can monitor the network 24/7 and plot it on a graph? like the network utilization or something. something that will help me point out when the internet goes down even for a few seconds?

reason is that i am facing a very strange problem. i am getting disconnected from pppoe server for 10seconds or less. this happens every 10 mins maybe. its very annoying and its hard for me to make lco guys understand. so it'll probably be easier for me to just show them the graph and hopefully they'll get it.
this is exactly what i am looking for. Thanks

edit- how do i make it big?

It's designed to be kept in the corner of the display running permanently. I have been using it for more than a decade now I think.
This won't help you if you want to record downtime to show to your lco. This is for personal monitoring to see when net goes down and come back up.
Not exactly continuous monitoring, but i have script running on my raspberry pi which runs speedtest cli, saves it to .csv file and uploads it to my google drive. Runs every hour.
Or you could run something like Nagios - Wikipedia for more in depth monitoring.