Corona Kavach/Rakshak Insurance Policy

Sambalpur, Odisha
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I was browsing some news websites and found this new Corona Kavach Insurance policy approved by IRDAI. It covers the hospitalization costs, diagnosis costs, etc if you are found COVID positive. This is a short term insurance policy with 3.5/6.5/9.5 months term.

Has anyone got any idea about this policy? Is it a good idea to buy this policy for family in this pandemic situation? Has anyone subscribed to this insurance policy?

Link - Corona Kavach Policy for Covid 19 | Corona Kavach Health Insurance Plan | HDFC ERGO
There is also a second option. Corona Rakshak something.

It's cool to see government basically pushing this instead of universal heathcare.
If Government improves the government hospitals instead of eating the health care funds from the Budget ....we would have a world class health care service rather than going to private and taking an insurance
social media is insane. every second tweet on my timeline is about some or the other kind of donation. someone is looking for plasma from a covid recovery patient. someone else is looking for donation for college education for some brilliant poor kind. someone else is looking for donation for cancer treatment for their father. another person would be looking for donation to feed people who are out of job due to covid shutdowns. it's like a wild west out there. everyone on their own. there is no government. no institution. everyone is basically just crowdfunding to survive. i have no idea how this has been normalized.
On PhonePe, there is a policy where you get 25k lumpsum if you test positive, costs only Rs 159 or so. I found that pretty decent, I mean being positive doesn't necessarily mean you need to be hospitalised etc.

If the government can ignore the immense need for population control because it fears of losing vote banks, it can let anything become a normalcy.