Creating Member's Section In A Server

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Hello techs,I need to know a few details like how to create a password protected member's area in my shared hosting. The thing is like most of the adult paysites that has a username and password box popping when u wanna access the member's section.. The thing tht i want is like once the user types in the username and password at the prompt he should be taken to a web page and that page should have direct links for downloading movies/music from my server. Well this should happen once the user makes his payment thru Paypal or any other service... And he becomes a donator or VIP member. This should be like the VIP sections of most of the forums...Any ideas on how to get this working?Hosting: Shared - No Dedicated Server/ No Root Access/ Shared IP
umm u can use HTACCESS based password protection for folders. ask for payments manually and make a new id for each paying member?