Creation Of Dataone Connection In Windows 98 O/s

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Hallo every body,I am using dataone home unlimited plan. I am currently using HCL Beanstalk PC with Windows XP O/S. I have created the connection on this on myself. Now I have got another connection and I want it to be used on an old computer with Windows 98 O/S, but I failed to create the connection. I came to know that Windows 98 does not support the WAN Miniport PPPOE interface, which is used by this connection. But still there is a way by which the connection can be created and which I do not know. Can any body tell me the way by which I can create this connection? I will be thankfull to you all.
use RASPPPOE dialer . see
First of all just install the USB driver as you did in Windows xp. Next you need to install a PPPoE dialer. There are two PPPoE dialer available. One is at link given above. Second is here on BSNL's site. It is easier to install. Just run the executable and you are done. Visit the link and download the 'PPPoE Client Software' and 'Windows 98 SE Update Patch' if you are using Windows 98 SE. Read the instructions on installing it under 'How to Install Driver/Dialer' section.

Surely this is a better dialer than RASPPPOE. B)