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I have home 500 plan since 6 months now. For the last 2-3 months, the link has been very bad. Broadband allways-on connection has become allway-off !! Every other day, the link is down for 1/2 to 2 hours, and sometimes whole day. I have a telephone fault service number. This is a voice record number, and it seems nobody at BSNL seem to care about complaints lodged on this number. Now, I would like to know, is there any customer care number where I can talk to an operator and know what is going on? When I call the so called help line 1600-424-1600, I get a reply that "THIS NUMBER DOES NOT EXISTS !!!" 🤔

I am located in Vijayanagar, Bangalore. I am working from home, and this bad connections has caused me a great distress :angry: . I have already lost a lot of working days, and if this continues, I may loss my job !! and I do not have Airtel broadband service in my area.

I have searched BSNL website to find any helpline number, but I am unable to find any.

Hence, can somebody help me with this ? Is there any customer care/service number where someone can take complaints and attend to the problem ?. It seems, like all government organizations, something called "customer care" does not exist in their dictionary !!! 😉

Helpline no is 1800-424-1600. Book ur complaint. Nothing will happen. Then go to ur exchange. Talk to the incharge of Broadband. Also try to contact what they call "external" dept. If the incharge is good there as in my area, ur fault should be rectified in max 3-4 days.
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see this for customer care centers :

And you may register dataone complaint online here :
And pls donot depend on online complaint !

Thanks Seshu

I have already lodged the complaints at both these sites, but no use. I really doubt if anybody even opens the mailbox. But there is one more number - 1500. here you can talk to an operator and lodge the complaint. The operator gave me some docket number, and then, in the evening the connection became okay. But next day again, it is same problem ! Again I call the operator - she gives me docket number - after sometime link becomes okay. But next day it again goes down !! Now, I am planning to go to exchange and try to meet someone. Let us see...

Again, thank you for the suggestion.
BSnl broadband has one of the worst service imaginable. Its easier to shift from India to pakistan than to shift your landline and broadband within the same city. The service is absolutely atrocious with the people working for bsnl having no clue about broadband and internet.The people manning the customer support call centre work on a trial and error method and are clueless about the problems faced by the people. Unless you have no other option, I would suggest never ever go for Bsnl broadband. I have been suffering for the last 2 months now and I have decided that enough is enough and I shall be discontinuing the service shortly.
You should visit your local exchange and describe your problem to JTO in detail. But if still the problem continues, then give a written complaint to SDO and give all the details from when u r facing the problem. Also keep the records of complaint nos. u have received while making complaints along with its date and mention the same in letter.Remember to get acknowledgement on copy of the complaint letter.

@raja3_16 - LOL.. the India to Pakistan shifting example was ultimate. Such great words should be given in written to BSNL Management. Then only they will understand how bad is their Customer Care.@dpkshny - I don't know if I should laugh or feel bad about it. There is both comedy and bad things happening in this thread. Try visiting the BSNL office daily to escalate the problem and slowly start signing the Attendance Register there and wait for BSNL Salary at the end of month 🙂 LOLNow coming to my serious advice:1) Have patience. Its not only BSNL, I have also seen Airtel customers cribbing. The story is almost same everywhere. 2) If your work is very important, then have a backup connection (something like Reliance Netconnect - disclaimer - I do not work for reliance)3) Broadband helpline is 1502 from your BSNL landline. But, don't just depend on Customer Care. Once you got the Complaint Number, do the followup by visiting the Branch Office and meeting the JTO(External) or if possible the Area Manager. Always keep a blank paper/pen/stapler with you (along with xerox copy of your last bill). If required, you can use these to write the complaint and submit at their office.
if u are staying in vijaynagar then airtel is present there too my neighbor has airtel 4 mbps connection and im near vijaynagar too ? 😱