DataONE speeds Down in Kolkata?

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🙂 new user here ! i am experiencing severe problems in connections.. when trying to log in it says "connecting via WAN miniport" and doesnt even go to verifying password etc.other times the speed goes down to 0bps. ( i use LAN monitor to see how fast the connection is working).Is there any problem with DataONE ? or is something wrong with my line ?PS : my phone is dead.. but i am able to connect and get normal speeds on occasion with with aDSL modem.Thank You!Arnab
Check out with the BSNL guyz.They will let u know...But what is this "connecting via WAN miniport"...How do u conect ..with the PPOE dialer the bsnl people installed or did u configure the modem with ????
He is using the winxp created dialler.There might be something seriously wrong with his tel line. Get it checked by BSNL people and confirm it. If your telephone(voice) is totally dead, then no ADSL connectivity is available. If you are living more than 5km away from the exchange, speeds can drop. Quality of phone cable is very critical here!
well it is possible ......DSL can work without having VOICE..Voice conversations are carried in the 0 to 4 KHz (kilohertz) band........but ADLS ...25 to160 KHz -- UPSTREAM .... 240 KHz to 1.5 no point in that DSL will not work unless your voice work ...
Technically correct and I know this too! :lol:But generally when the voice line is down, practically there might be breaks in the wire or broken joints, though the ADSL "jumper" might be intact at the exchange. I was just highlighting this fact.
the point was. does any provider in india just provide DSL Broadband connectivity?

I think Dataone speed is fine during the evening and night but incredibly slow during the day. It seems it has some connection swith Online Trading of stock markets and lots of ppl must be doing so and this is why the shared bandwidth game might be comming into play.
Same case here in Khardah!The slowdown starts from around 10am and continues till 8pm.Mr. Dayanidhi Maran, are u listening ?Plz arrange for more bandwidth for BSNL during the day !!! :lol: