DC ++ hubs in dadar(w)

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Tata Indicom
i'am from dadar (w) using tata's broadband connection, can i connect to any local hubs using DC ++ are any local hubs available in my area ???
I don't know about that.But Hawk bro, I couldn't understand what you are trying to do ? What are local hubs and DC ++ ? 😕
yes i am also from dadar(w) please anyone have the hub IP of this area please give!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!otherwise how to create our own hub give information!!!!!!!!!
Create ur own hub using PtokaX software. Give your ip to your friends who have the same internet provider as you in the neighbourhood, and then share data with each other using DC++
is sharing possible with diffrent service providers in the same apartment using a hub
i've downloaded ptokaX. plzz give details about how to create a hub & how to connect with others

yes i also downloaded that software please give the detail that how to crate and connect the hub with friends in our area
@vrnutz.....yeh apke speedtest ke pic mein download speed 16711 kb/s Bata raha hai......16 mb ka connection kaha se mila ?
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