DC++ HUbs in South Mumbai

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Invitation to All the south mumbai user of pacenet(and some exatt users too) to join DC++ hubs for Lan sharingHub Ips:- Hub stays open from 8p.m. in the eve and 24hrs on holidays.
Hey i stay at marine lines... will i be able to access these hubs??.. and if u can please help me to configure lan... m using PACENET.. i have DC++ and have already tried to connect to these hubs but get some error.... please help me as i am novice at this and have been trying from months...
daydreamer1987.no-ip.biz this is my hub mumbai hub. i stay in borivali west. try to connect it and let others know. press ctrl+Q and copy paste this address. please share a lot movies music games. min share is not decide but hope it should be more than 5 gb atleast, thank you.😀