DC++ Performance

does your provider have a hub?What kind of speeds do you get?Is the user base good?What are the restriction?So far i know in Mumbai only iGate and Exatt offer Dedicated Hub to their users.As for me this has been my experience1) iGate does provide a dedicated hub2)LAN speeds are in excess of 600kbps to 1 mbps for users who are on the same LAN. speeds from other iGate users who are on different LAN are between 13kbps to 60 kbps. But recently our network was hit by the sasser virus so all speeds on the Hub have be capped for temp bases3)excellent user base. People share excellent stuff.4)The hub requires registration to get better speeds but since the number of admin is very low so new users find it difficult to join in immediately. on average a new user will take 5 hrs to set everything right and get himself registered.
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lol...our cable walla doesnt provide us any hub...one of us have to host it...in fact he wanted to shutdown our hub.
What a great ISP, if I were to tell sify cc about hubs and FTP, they would freak out, or ask me to delete my Temporary Internet FIles to cure my brain :lol:

Ceriously speaking, if Sify lets people on different lans connect to each other, they will save loads and loads of bandwidth
does your provider have a hub?we used to have one, but he stopped it by installing firewalls.What kind of speeds do you get?we used to get 1 mbpsIs the user base good?excellent usersWhat are the restriction?none