Delhi Summer Getting Harsh Where Did Monsoon Go?

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Hey what is going on with Delhi summer, temps reaching 45c, I remember back in school we used to get so amazing rains from May to September.

we hardly get monsoon anymore now, I remember carrying umbrella for atleast few months as it was raining every day or alternate day during this time and our games period use to get

If it's all due to climate change then it's not good at all..if things are like this now in 2020.
I have never seen any rains between May to June? I mean wait until July?
ya can hardly call it monsoon barely rains in last couple of years even in peek monsoon season !
I think Monsoon arrives in Delhi around July. With the weather disturbances and climate change, it has now been pushed to July end/August. And it would last only for a month before Monsoon starts withdrawing from India.
Aur IMD... Uski kabhi baat sach nikalti hi nahi!!

It only rains fire these two months. June and July. And the worst thing is that we can't go to mountains to take a break, because of the landslides. What I miss the most is the rain that used to happen in January and February, would last a week. It's simply gone.
yesss...we use have those rains frequently and its no longer their.. i remember back in school, fan was enough for most of the months, as air was always pleasant due to monsoony weather, but now toh to think its almost next to impossible @45C currently, those days temps max use to go not beyond 38C even at peek of summer...