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saw an ad of Dell which said that we could get our configuration of LAPTOP(NOTEBOOK 😛 ) through when i visited the site, and tried to configure a notebook, the options provided were limited and they only provided for higher upgrades(for a higher price, of course) rather than giving a lower option too. i mean, for operating systems, they only had vista editions, but not XP or FreeDOS which would have significantly reduced the cost of the notebook(s)! i was very much disappointed with this. is there any place, where one can configure a full laptop (at indian prices)?
yes sir. Dell would let you configure but in most cases only upgrades.and it is practically impossible to buy a dell without buying Vista now.your best bet is going for an Acer. you get decent configurations at decent prices and they ship the cheaper models with free version of some linux distro.
well. Dell gets massive discounts from microsoft for doing so. in the end it is passed on to the end customer. it's a vicious cycle. in the end its just hardware. no one is forcing you to get a pc from dell. 🙂HP and Lenovo already sells linux loaded machines.