di i need to call bnsnl again n again?

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Hey guys can anyone help? If i format my computer ....do i have to call bsnl again to activate my modem? Or is it that once activated then i can format windows reinstall and it will still work....help quick please as i have some performance issues...and it seems much easier to reinstall all the software in 2 hours after formatting my hdd...then letting some stupid av run for 8 hours and still tell me that my system is not 100 % dis infected. Am a newbee.....any help will be appreciated... 🙂
hi, yes you can format your machine,but you can restart your internet in window xp by semple going to new network connaction,as you did in a semple moderm. if you are using window 98 then you have to instole the software gaven by bsnl.
No, you don't have to call BSNL again and again. It is activated just one. When you format your harddrive you can again set it up, if you have Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server.