DID THE NEW PLANS HAVE BETTER ROUTING? Can anybody share ping responses for cloudflare google dns and aws? (from new updated plan's ip)

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I was about to open this thread , anyways here are the pings
The pings show no improvement with the changes in the plans

Infact I am seeing a 35% loss to Google meet server
OMG It's even worse for you. (I am on old plans) . IF you got time try getting ip from different series and check again!
I dont think getting a different series ip wont make a difference as all the IP Ranges will be in the same data center with near to same configuration
oh It's not the case for me .Here in south i am assigned to different series of ip everyday . like 59.xx. , 117.xxx ,61.xx . each have different gateway's and different latency's .
In my personal experience I am seeing an added two extra routing points(did an MTR analysis, found this to be true) before the traffic exits the BSNL's network...since my old plan got upgraded speedwise to 100mbps two days back.