Difficulty in making calls via JioCall App when connected to a secondary router. Any Solution?

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Jio Fiber
So the issue is when I am connected to my second router (TP-Link Archer C6), JioCall shows status as Online but I face difficulties in making calls and receiving calls. I get calls but the other person cannot hear me, and if I try to make calls it doesn't even ring for other people. This happens all the time when connected to the secondary router (TP-Link).

The calling facility is fine when the JioCall app is connected to Jio's own router or if I am using a landline instrument (cordless).

Is it only me facing this issue? If yes, then if possible please provide a solution to it.

Plan - Rs. 199

Thank You.
Whenever i connect to the repeaters,i am offline in the app,for me it only works when i am connected to the main jio router

Dear Shubham,

I understand your concern with regard to JioFiber service.

Please be informed that we do not support 3rd Party Router from JioFiber Home Gateway (Router).

Request you to please confirm whether you are facing week wi-fi coverage issue or not, so that we can assist you accordingly.

You can now also get support to your Service-related queries through WhatsApp. I am sending you an SMS that has our WhatsApp contact details for Service related assistance on JioFiber.

Awaiting your response.