Digital Satellite Review: I-On Partner


Story Time First: -
So, got some insider news about what actually went down. It seems, Trunet and I-ON had a Joint-Venture, but I-ON was providing the complete backend.

This partnership was suddenly dissolved due to some grievances between them and I-ON decided to go separate ways, hence Trunet took all of it Broadband Connection users base spanning from Mumbai to Pune, established their own ASN and were working on the old exisiting I-ON wires and OLT. While this might have been okay, Trunet was using one single BNG for the entire Mumbai-Pune Region, hence under heavy load it started dropping connections, and the incompetents of Trunet had no clue.
They also were using cheap cards from LR-Link and the BNG itself from NetElastic.

There were disconnections almost 4-5 times a day, every day, hence there would be no surprise that a lot of customers decided to just leave. To all this, Trunet did nothing much about the situation.
Looking at such a state, the Local head of the North Mumbai region, decided to beg to I-ON to do something about the connection urgently, but I-On stated that they either need to partnered with them which would cost a lot, or just use the supply from one for their partners.

Fast Forward, the guy decided to go with I-ON Partner aka digital satellite, behind Trunets' back, and Trunet has put a police case on the guy.
Much to also the poor luck of the guy, digital satellite was even worse than Trunet, while the connection was live most times, the overall internet experience was subpar and one of the worst I have ever seen. I had called and raised complaints with digital satellite multiple times, but while they acted like they are working on it, no one actually did anything.

So here we go, I'll just post the screenshots here, and you can be the judge of it. I was on a 300Mbps plan with static ip and all screenshots below is from a wired desktop.

- AWS example, but I had the issue with all of my personal instances too.
- they were using their own servers for youtube mirroring, which were quite slow.
- just look at the state, this says a lot, I'd say.

- ah yes, the packet loss and ping spikes.
- had a real hard time sharing document, over wetransfer.
- steam, was no good either. speed barely hitting 10 Mbps.
- and just look at the jitter.
- 1-2Mbps on play store.
Hello, I'd like to say my experience...

I live in North Mumbai and my Internet is supplied by an operator who first came under I-ON.
The internet provided was very good and I had very few net cuts.
Also since it was I-ON I also had IPv6 access 😀

Then the fiasco happened which was pretty much unknown to me.
One day there was a net cut for a few hours (which is not normal)
I called in and they said that they're doing maintenance.

After that when Internet came back up I did a network check.
Turned out now my ISP had changed to TRUNET !!!

Also, I no longer had IPv6 access 😢

Then after a week or so this whole thing happened again!
There was again a net cut. It came back and the ISP had changed again!
To digital satellite this time. Still no IPv6 access.

And that is the status quo.
I used to have a 20Mbps plan (with I-ON). which was upgraded(?) to a 40Mbps plan

I pay Rs. 450 for 1 month 40Mbps UL plan

Reliability has gone down though there are more frequent cuts but it comes back in 10-30 mins.

I also got some stats.





Overall I'd consider my ISP as OK
I don't need 100% reliability (Of course that'd be nice)
But it is too much of a hassle to change
I did read your other post where you shifted to Airtel fiber
I may consider that...

However my biggest problem with the whole ordeal was that I-ON provided good IPv6 support.
I mean their customer service says they dont provide IPv6 (But they do, I did an address lookup and it was registered under DVOIS)
And I used to an IPv6 address for each of my devices which I don't get now.
Now I only have IPv4 which is under CGNAT

I assume Airtel fiber has IPv6 support? That'd be nice.

Anyways I was surprised there were actually people talking about this issue.
I'll lurk more here now.
@megamind6155 I still have my diginet connection active, since I paid for 6 months in advance(to I-ON), but is not currently being used. They exclusively use TATA for all their connections and have no availability for IPV6, I know this because I had fought with their NOC base while being there.
They changed my ONU and REWIRED my connection for free, which still was not enough to keep as their customer.
Last week, I retested their connection just for laughs, and it was still miserable as before with a lots of packet instability.
If you look through the PPPoE logs, they reset all PPPoE connections every 24 hours, or at 5 AM, which is completely unacceptable. I used to have a static IP address, hence this was especially uncalled for.

The airtel XStream I am using has a pretty stable IPV6, even more, stable than I-ON (which also used airtel for its ipv6 backbone). But at the moment now, it's a hit or miss, meaning that if you reboot your router at night after 12 AM, you are 100% sure to get an IPV6 address. But it's 50-50 during the day. Regardless, once both addresses (IPV4-IPV6) are assigned to you, it does not reset or change. I have had an uptime of 1000 hours+ without any changes in addresses or connection.

I got my airtel connection setup and ready within 1 hour, with me doing no paperwork. So, I wouldn't call it a hassle to do.
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