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HiCan someone help me to installation of dish tv in Malaysia, I have Zanegga reciever with LNB .3db, but we did't get any signal. I adjust my antenna on NSS-6 frequency at E95 but same no signal at all.we tried in alll direction.......... but don;t now where is problem. we have othere settelite at C band very easy to get asiasat 3 and one Local brand using KU band at E93.5. Kinldy help me for installation.
Hi Mutee,I am from India, as per my knowledge of DishTV, Pls use Zenega STB (CD-1004is) along with 2.5ft ovaltype dish and one LNBF [Model : FS8-C1 Universal Single LNB, Input : 10.70-12.75GHz, Noise : 0.5db (Typ.) LO : 9.75/10.60GHz, Manufacturer : Wistron NeWeb Corp.] Install it as per NSS6 satelite and just try for it....AG
Hey there folks,kudos to all the intelligent techie ppl ou there....if i bought a Dish TV setup box and carried it to Bangkok, Thailandrigged it to a dish will it work?where shd i point it? and any setup precautions can i use?any tips & suggestions folks???if you can say coupla things...i promise a free dinner for you in bangkok whenever u visitThanksPeaceHelpMePls....
mayday mayday mayday

it wont work
pls see this weblink this is teh footprint of teh signals
NSS 6 at 95.0°E - LyngSat Maps

and malaysia is way off teh footprint

get some techie to give you solutions on how to get the signals
maybe with a bigger Dish, Bigger LNB, bigger pizza order,

if it works do let me know...i am in bangkok and hv been trying the same

did you make the dishtv work with the 2.5feet oval dish yet? I want to get DIshTv to work in Bangkok, Thailand.Please let me know does this require any special LNB.thanks a million
I think Dishtv is illegal to use in any other country outside India.