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Hi to all, recently i bought a DSL-2640T Wireless Adsl2+ router. i installed it and connected the adsl wire from splitter to the adsl in of the router. the link was not stable at all i tried every other settings, wirings and almost evrything except formatting my computer. I called up the airtel people to install it and they sent a engineer but no use and he said airtel modem is giving a stable light and therefore there is the problem with router. then i went back to the vendor he checked me the same on the airtel line at his premises so there was no issue that router has a problem. then i called the D-Link customer care the most and the most pathetic executives :madness: i have ever talked to for 3 hrs i was made to try every other setting and then was told they cant do anything in this. i checked the same router at 2-3 places with same airtel connection it was working perfectly fine. i called airtel guys to cancel the services and refund my amount back as soon as possible. they immediately sent a engineer and THEN!!!!! HE SAID THAT THERE IS A ISSUE WITH THE LINE TAG. MY LINE WAS VERY OLD SO IT WAS USING SIEMENS TAG AND THEN THEY SHIFTED TO ERICSSON AND IT WORKED. help!!!!!BUT IT STILL TAKES VERY LONG(10MINS) TIME TO STABILIZE THE ADSL LINK LIGHT ON THE ROUTER. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS THE ISSUE.I THINK THERE CAN BE MODULATION PROBLEM BUT I AM NOT SURE WHICH ONE IS TO BE USED AS THERE IS NO G.DMT IN THE MODULATION DROP DOWN LIST.PLZZZZZZZZ HLP
Have U tried to correct the Multiplexing method? IMHO Airtel uses 'LLC-based'.
Check various other parameters of your connection like RWIN, MTU (1492 is best for PPPoE but your optimum value may come out different), etc.
but how will i come to know what are my exact and optimum settings????????🙁

ATM VC Setting
PVC = pvc0
VPI = 1
VCI =32
Virtual Circuit =Enabled
WAN Setting =PPPoE/PPPoA
User Name
Authentication Type =Auto
Connection Type =PPPoE LLC
MTU bytes =1400
MRU bytes =1492
Default Route =Enabled
PPPoE Pass Through =Disabled
NAT =Enabled
Firewall =Enabled
IP Control =Dynamic IP
Static IP

and under modulation setting it is ADSL2+(Multi Mode)