Do we really need to forward ports?

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well it really depends on wat client u like.... or are more comfortable with.. some times for some people some clients work and some dont, even in the same environment! .. for a long time i used bit tornado. still do.but for some reason it dont give me remote connections even when i'm in bridge mode! . sheesh. wat tranny is that! that's one client that really gives max speeds on almost any torrents! hehe ..but now use azureus.. love it totally.but sometimes dont like it so much esp when it dont give that good speeds 🙁but nonetheless... its the best one out there 😀..other clients that i would recommend would be utorrent/bitcomet/abc(old but still good).
µTorrent is the best...small, light, and easy to use...
Of all the torrent softwares out there, I prefer uTorrent. My current download speed is around 190+ KBps and upload hovers at 28KBps. 🤔 I set my download speed on uTorrent to unlimited and my upload speed at 40KBps. (I know the max that MTNL allows is 30KBps but I think I am trying to fool the software :blink: ) It's working for now! 😀 I read on the uTorrent forum that you should try to keep your upload speed at 1/6th the download speed. I will try and post that link here If I stumble upon it again.
so u mean 1/6 giving u better speeds than unlimited?