Does Flipkart takes 12 DAYS to Refund via Internet Banking 🤯 ! ?

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From my High school days I have been purchasing online products. I happened to buy a phone via Flipkart. Payment was debited from my internet banking account, but the redirect from the payment gateway froze. So the status of my order in flipkart was pending. Flipkarts customercare feature is the worst I have seen. No chat support or even email is listed. Toll free No works only if you have an active order. You cannot even raise a complaint if you dont have an active order !

To add salt to the insult, the seller himself cancelled my order.

Thankfully, next day I cound contact them via phone and they said I have to wait 12 Freaking days for the refund. Is this for real ? They say its standard banking procedure. Please enlighten me friends, does an electronic transfer take 12 days to refund. Even if they send a guy in a bike with my money, he will reach me in 5 days.

Happened to me once, got money after 11 freaking days.
Yeah, it can take time. What they mention is the maximum possible time taken to refund. It can happen before that or later under special circumstances.

Flipkart has the worst policy there is absolutely no way to return or replace many products.
That is my primary reason why I don't order from fk anymore. Unfriendly policies, majority provision for replacement instead of return. It's obvious that we are shopping online so things may not turn out the way we want. But their reps were like, no you people order, damage and then ask for refund. I bluntly told her you cannot generalise one situation to all. Finally, made my peace with fk.
I wonder if we could get faster refund if paid via UPI / Debit Card etc. Is COD safe ? I always suspect the delivery guy will run away with the money.
Cod is safe, but do inspect the box before payment.
In my observation, debit card has a longer time for refund than net banking.