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the "ping network" and "network details" are not working for me, nothing happens when I click them.I'm on windows 98
Lol. I just recognized this software. 🙂. You said it somewhere in this thread, but in what language did you code it in?
Ah VB. C++ definitely has more portability man. You should try learning that.

Could you please please please make the bandwidth meter available as a standalone app, which warns user everytime data transfer is above 150mb in that day. It deactivates automatically between 10PM and 8AM.This BBClient v3.0 is really annoying, I have to disconnect/reconnect every now and then to check how much I have downloaded in that session.
OK sorry didn't try that, it works well, thanks a lot. But how do I set the Target Limit? It shows 0 MB. I want to make it 150 MB. Where can I change that setting. I dont see it anywhere.
Go to the Main Window > Click on Logout > Set the the size to 150 where it says "Logout when the data transfer reaches:"Dont wory it will work even if u do not select that option.I know this is a bit confusing for the newbies, I will try to make it more userfriendly in the next version.ThanxShouvik