DSL 502T Problems Solution

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The DSL 502T router which is one of the default routers shipped with the MTNL Triband plan.. occassionally has a glitch that prevents saving of the settings, i.e. the save and reboot button fails to work.

Currently the only official solution for this problem is to take the router in for fixing at the D-Link center but I have found a quick fix for this.

Copy the following data, into a text file and rename it "reboot.html" on your desktop.
Then run the file and hit the reboot button, enter the username password for your router and you're done. Your settings will be saved and your router will be rebooted.

If this helps anyone let me know..
i think this is nice to use it esp during GH 🙂.. rather then changing details in the router homepage you can do it here..
A simple Desi solution using Firefox:Right Click -> This Frame ->Show this frame only.This solves the problem atleast for me all the time.