Dsl 590 Nu - 2mbps In The Night ?

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iam a dsl 590 NU user, since 2 days my router is showing 2mbps in the adsl status, on the first night i dint get speeds more than 25-30k... yest night i got 120k etc till around 3am (dint use in the daytime) but at around 4 etc.. again the max speed i was getting was around 25-30k..... today iam downloading right now at at 9.30 pm and iam getting around 150K.... i'll wait to check how much i'll get in the night...are you NU users getting 2mbps download speeds (approx) in the nights also ?iam from mumbai... please discuss ur "2mbps experiances so far"
for now yeah.. man.. once it all stabalises. .they wont give 2mbps ... so download as much as u can nnow.. kal ho na ho.. lolzz..most prolly .. you`d get 256 or maybe 512kbps... NU.. 😉.also i think ..we might get 2mbps during day time.. lolzz..
hey is anyone getting 512kbps.coz im getting 2mbps since 3days on 590nu
i think currently speed is bound by hardware and not the software. so i dont think they wudbe able to provide us time based speeds.like 2mbps day time and 256 night time.so mostly it will go down back to 256 or max they might give is flat 512kbps.or even if its based on software.. i think current software does not support time based speeds,so we might have to wait till software is changed
software that records ur bandwidth MBs and sends to central database

synced at 2048 kbps but getting around 512 kbps...anyhow, anything above 256 kbps is a boon...so just enjoy it till it's there 😀