Dual band router + ADSL modem for Reliance Broadband

Apoorv Khatreja

Super Loser
Reliance Thunder 1099 4 Mbps UL
I'm getting a new Reliance broadband connection and since those buggers won't give me a wireless option, I have to buy one on my own. They will provide me with an ADSL modem, but from everything I've heard about them, they are really crappy, and for my reliability's sake, I'd rather get a router + ADSL modem combo.
Stuff that I absolutely need
1) Dual band wireless on both 2.4 and 5 GHz simultaneously, for interference free local file transfers and HD content streaming.
2) Support for a USB hard drive to be used as a NAS.
3) 802.11 n support.
Good to have stuff
1) 802.11 ac support (for future proofing).
2) UPnP media services.
3) Should work well with Apple devices (I have an MBP, iPhone and iPad, and this list will likely grow in the future).
4) DD-WRT/OpenWRT support.
Luxury features
1) Airplay support
2) Wireless backups to the USB drive via Time Machine.
Budget is 15k. Anybody know of anything that fits the bill? I was thinking Airport Extreme, but that does not have a built in ADSL modem.