DUmeter or NetLimiter?

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This is like a poll... I'm thinking of installing either DUmeter or NetLimiter... which do you use? which do you think is better (if you've used both). Or is there some other software altogether (if you've used that along with one of the two mentioned above)...Vote now! I promise to lower your taxes!
i use du meterand isn't this been discussed a lot
ya, i was hoping to get responses for people who used both and recommend one over the other...DUmeter looks good to me... I've also installed NetLimiter2beta2, need to reboot to check it out...
net limiter,net limiter,net limiter,net limiter,only netlimiter.as i said u can moniter data with this toolfor -->xxxx-->years-->months-->days-->Hr's-->min's-->seconds
I use du METER.Satisfies my needs!Sandeep

once again, im hoping people who've used both will mention which is better 😎but anyhow i installed DUmeter 3.07 build 200 and also NetLimiter 2 (beta 2), DUmeter feels better but lets seePoll added as well
mmmmmmnetlimiter2 interface is bit disturbing compred to v1.30 or 1.29.iam using netlimiter v1.30,and its very easy to moniter aswell as control bandwidth.**even u can shedule application(each) bandwidth usage(download/upload).i think dataone ppl need that ;-)