eBay India Updates and User Experiences

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blueman24 said:
So, once I brought something from a "Top rated seller" And it was of so horrible quality that it lasted only 1 month. And he charged extra for shipping and on the top of that, the product was delivered late.
Frustrated with the useless product, I gave negative feedback for the seller and this is what I got from him-

So, I guess this is how seller achieve their "Top rated" badges.
The same seller sent me the same thing again. What should I do report eBay? lol this is frustrating.
Looks like there are a lot more disgruntled users on eBay now a days :wondering:

The line tester thingy I ordered is lost in transit I think. It was shipped on 28th via DTDC. The tracking shows the AWB number is incorrect. Seller doesn't respond to emails.
Wtf!!! It just got reset on it's own 😡

I had reported exact same thing few months back!

You just keep on waiting and counter never decreases!

Ordered a case for Redmi and got two exact identical cases from two separate packages. what should I do? keep em?

checked in purchase history and it shows i ordered only one.