Edit JioFiber Firmware to Obtain Root Privileges

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I have a big problem guys my JIOFIBER ROUTER is running at SRCMTF1_JCO4032_R2.9 and they have hide WAN option and i can't even change my 5ghz channel via that direct links or typing "Basic" in search AND EVEN FTP server is also Hidden (then what will we do after inserting drives to JioFiber...)

Direct Links to change Channel Settings
I tried different devices too...
My Question is HOW DO I ENTER MY WAN Settings as they have hidden it...
JIO is Locking each feature after pushing updates and updates so guys plz DO NOT update your JioFiber...
I can access the setting with same firmware as yours. If you are trying to access it from smartphone, search feature does not work.

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Desktop site option does not work on chrome either. Try another browser like opera or brave on smartphone.
Are you getting any search result normally for other searches on smarphone or browser?
ohkk but i'm still curious if i can use my Android Phone to change these settings and my questions
#1 Why jio is Hidding these thing...
#2 How do i access that hidden settings via my Phone... as brave also didnt work