Essar expected to offer 14 billion dollars to buy out stake in Hutch

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Essar expected to offer 14 billion dollars to buy out stake in Hutch
Essar is being said to be considering offering 14 billion dollars to buy out majority shareholder Hutchison Telecommunications in the Hutchison Essar Company.
Hutch is the fourth largest mobile service provided in India which is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the [...]
I heard Vodafone are expected to offer 20 Billion Dollars?
i think thats the value they have come up for the whole company. essar is not selling off their stake.
Vodafone or Reliance is gonna get it. Essar is just too pathetic...!
but they already own a part of hutch. so this gives them a lot of power.
Anyone other then Reliance should win the race....If reliance takes over Hutch, I will have to change my Hutch number 🙁

i am sick of Hutch too ever since they started charging 10 paisa per SMS under the two to talk scheme. despite of being in the DND list, i am getting bakwaas SMS from the company.
In Bombay hutch is better in that sense.I had Reliance FWP number till a few months back and just can't think of using their service again.
I am pretty sure Essar won't win it.. It will probably be Vodafone or Reliance...