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I ve setup a Hub for the exattnet users living at andheri (East)This HUb hosts music,movies,serials,e-books,name it and you will find it.Initially im puttin only 5-10gb of my stuff on it , later as per requests i will put around 80gb movies,etcPlease do join it and I assure you will not regret it!!Steps:Open dc++Then goto FILE-->QUICK CONNECTenter as the required addressand njoyPLEASE NOTE:add 6 gb atleast before you use the hub in your sharing folder in dc++do this by :OPEN DC++goto FILE-->SETTINGS--->SHARINGadd 6gb n startRULEZ:If a person is downloadin from you via the HUB dont go offline till it is done.No downloadin and then not uploadinYou break these rulezz, i ban u for life!
dude there is a HMR HUB Running in andheri east since 5 to 7 yrs( 2001) on ExattNet (5Start)
There was a block in hmr hub and due to reasons hub was blocked and a year back ... on 15 mov 2009 hub is again started from the isp /// .. thos who are interested in HUB can contact Andheri e opp raters in kamlash building .. i am not kidding the hub is started .. the isp will provide u with there settings or mail me at [email protected]
so you mean we have to pay for the stupid shit again ??


block in the hmrhub can you explain me ?
not yet .. they have not told us to pay any thing yet .. but u have to call them up and ask for your User name and password .. or call me up 9768257126 for now all are useing free ..there are 15 to 20 members who come everyday
so what is the address and the settings can you post them ?

it is very huge .. and u need a username to log in so i cannot tell u settings ... but if u call me up i will tell how to set up or i will set it up from Netmeeting call 9768257126