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i just saw exatt new site and the prices for 64 SUP are just 199 down from 280 mentioned last, however my cable guy still charging me 650. CHOR He is. Ourt soceityis planning to through him out if he doesnt reduce.Guys please give feedback and prices of connections in ur locality.LEts come together and fight with these guys.
You need to go and thrash your operator. I have a 64 kbps connection and i pay 275 Rs a month.Exatt prices do vary depending on your area but 650 is daylight robbery !!!!!
QUOTE(rachit_1804 @ Mar 18 2006, 06:13 PM) [snapback]45010[/snapback]
in our area exatt gives 128 kbps connection in 600
Finally the ch... cable wala reduced rates for 64 to 425 and 125 to 600. its ok this guy is througha dealer and not exatt directly. Are ur cable guy has direct connection with Exatt
HiI have been using Exatt for the last 6 months 128kbps connectionIt is through a local dealer who charges 600/- monthly or 550/- for 6 monthsLast year this was working very nicely. Now I am facing lot of down time some times more than 3 daysIt is like when u want to really check mail or do some important work it is down.This downtime is unexplained and the usual reasons are forwarded like server is down etcI havent renewed the service now and will go in for ADSL.Also another problem is that I have to call up the local dealer that my subscription has expired and please renew the same.Earlier when my 6monthly subscription expired I was surprised when my local dealer said that he does not have a 6 month package and he would try to give me a 1 month package.ThanksNinad
Ditto,I finally got fed up of this nonsense, exatt as an ISP might be good, but till we have middle man's like these, it aint worth. I used to get such funny reasons for net being down.Moved on to MTNL Triband, speed is fantastic.