Excellent internet speeds on Vodafone Idea Sim


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Airtel Xstream Fiber (300Mbps)
Router : RPi-4B (OpenWrt), TP-Link A6 (AP)
I tried speedtest on my VI simcard for the first time and the speeds are really good.

Time of test : 3:45 am
Location : Inside a room of ground floor.

I did a speedtest on terrace and it is going above 120mbps.
90 mbps that to without CA I get 2CA (1+3) but still speeds are capped at 40 mbps.Can anyone tell that after reframing the 3G spectrum are they removing the 40 mbps cap??
@nishantt6969 Check speeds during the day and post the speed test results as during late night there is no congestion.

Network coverage & speeds are improved at my place in AndhraPradesh. Tried all the networks & ported back to VI. Never seen speeds below 30Mbps for the last 8 months. Nearby tower not tweaked with CA. Adjacent village(4kms) tower does enabled with 2CA & i get speeds like 110-120Mbps.
Airtel coverage & speeds sucks big time even though signals broadcast from same towers. Maybe network congestion.