Excess billing after unlimited hours

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Has anyone who has exceeded the unlimited hours received a detailed bill from BSNL? How is the extra use being calculated?Is the extra use being calculated by time averaging MBs or by some other method?I'm sure this info would help everyone here to understand how they are being billed and whether to exceed(?) unlimited hours. Possibly shaplus could incorporate this info into his software to provide an accurate reading of actual MBs.
Time averaging? whats that..? they just count the bytes transferred beyond your data transfer limit... then multiply the MBs by the Rs-per-MB value to charge you...
What I mean is , if someone starts at 2;30AM and finishes at 9 AM, during which time 500MB has been downloaded, how is the transfer from 8AM to 9AM calculated?Anyone have actual examples of this from last months bill?
how do they count free usage?....cause two of my really big "sessions" either begain or ended in countable area......is anyone reading this?...i haven't receieved my first bill....and i am getting jittery as hell
Thor, I will be going to my bsnl commercial office tomorrow or monday to clarify this very question.. I was charged for excess usage in august and sep but bsnl cannot provide me the proof that the excess usage was not from 2am-8am.

Good Luck Bugatti, hope the bill is cut down. Knowing them, they will put the onus on you to disprove their bill.I wish more people would come forward and tell us of their billing experiences, it would be of help to all here so we know how to deal with it.
About 10 days back I went to the commercial office and disputed my july and august bill. They reduced the bill amount after some phone discussion with the exchange. I was thoroughly pissed. How the heck can they decide what is the amount of data I have used and not used without showing me proof of excess usage? No answer.

I went to the commerical office today and both the people who are responsible for this matter had not come to office(customer relations officer and chief accounts officer). I did speak to the cao's deputy ao, and he talked with a tech in my exchange. I demanded to speak to speak with the tech myself. The ao gave me the phone and I told the tech to clarify how they calculated the excess usage, because I had the printouts of the august bill from the dataone site and DU meter's. The tech told me that they only had the total usage and excess usage on their screens. They did not have the breakup by the hour. I asked him htf can you say I used xxxx excess MB. I want written proof from bsnl's side.
The ao feigned ignorance and told me to submit a letter saying that "I want to dispute/clarify the excess usage for so and so month."

If I have to check the usage per hour,
-I need to first, take a printout of that month's bill.
-Take time off from your busy schedule and go to the commerical office.
-Find the relevant person to talk to(quite difficult considering what a morass of a place bsnl is).
-Explain what the problem is to these tech illiterates.
-Submit a letter for clarification/dispute of the excess charges.

With this kind of attitude, no wonder the uptake of new broadband connections has slowed down to a trickle in my exchange. When I was signing up in feb, all and sundry were signing up for broadband. When I went 10 days back, 2 people came in to surrender their phone and broadband connections(because of excess billing and data limits).

10 days back when I was at the bsnl office sitting across the customer relations officer, she and the accounts dept and god knows who else were shouting at each other. Why? They had received so many disputes regd the broadband billing for august and disputes against excess usage for other months. People were coming to bsnl office and shouting at the CRO instead of the fools(higher level officers) who implemented
1)the split bill for august(1-15 aug billing separate from 16-31 august).
2)stopped unlimited usage
3)could not handle queries on excess usage disputes(the customer has to instead go to the accounts section).

Now you understand why India is still stuck in the dark ages of the internet? There is no independent way to verify your usage, a basic right for a broadband customer. Going through this shit is damn irritating.

Can't wait for airtel to come to my area so that I can submit a 12 page(more material being added as time passes) letter to the commercial officer and explain in detail why I want to close the connection.

If unbundling of local loop had been mandated by the govt, then you could easily enjoy cheap reliable airtel broadband TODAY.

Broadband in India is not in a state of amnesia, its in a state of severe coma. Just look at the no. of broadband users.


As per the progress reports submitted by the various service providers, subscribers base of only 0.61 million for Broadband have been achieved by the end of September 2005, out of which 0.26 million belongs to PSU and 0.35 million to the private service providers together.

Hence, the actual achievement by various operators together is much below the policy target of 3.0 million for December, 2005, which is likely to be missed.

TRAI had made many recommendations for accelerating the growth of Internet and Broadband; some of the recommendations were not accepted:- - Recommendations pertaining to Local Loop Unbundling (LLU).

Many of the competitive service providers have mentioned that it would be difficult to achieve the Broadband Policy targets unless Local Loop Unbundling by incumbents is mandated by Government.


Come what may, I am not going to let off this excess billing case until I have printouts per hour from whichever exchange this data is stored on in bangalore. It was my father who demanded proof that how can they bill you when they don't provide proof?

Bsnl demands letters for any questions we might have but we can't ask them to give in writing what they are exactly charging for? They make customers run around so many hurdles, this is mental olympic training! If they cannot provide proof, they cannot bill. Period.
kudos bugatti! BSNL or any other service provider can EASILY solve such billing problems by providing UNLIMITED connections at a FLAT rate. There is no question of counting MBs or GBs and there is no question of paying them extra.... If you are willing, then we can write a letter to various newspapers like TOI, Hindustan times etc... and urge them to "expose" these fcukers!