Excitel - Download speed is lower between 9:00 am and 01:00 am - LCO suggested to replace wiring

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I am on Excitel 60 mbps plan but from last few days I am facing download issue between morning 9:00 am and 01:00 am . Download speed is much worst getting as low as 5 mbps but upload speed I am getting more than 60 mbps.

Also after 1:00 am till morning around 9:00 am getting more than 60 mbps download and upload speed.

I asked LCO regarding same, he is suggesting wiring need to be replace. Does anyone faced or facing similar issue?

How to check right time to replace wiring?
Excitel ethernet plan can be a mess from my experience. Around three years ago, I had a similar issue where the ethernet will negotiate at 10Mbit or keep dropping continuously at 100Mbit with the network switch at pole.

LCO replaced the cable, switch everything and it still had the issue. I was happy that LCO did all that they did without charging me anything but nothing fixed it, different cable different router, nothing. I ended up going to DEN Boomband for a few months but they had ridiculous 100GB cap at the time.

After two months I recharged Excitel again and everything was back to normal magically lol.

I would highly recommend changing ethernet cable, ethernet cable used by LCOs are absolute trash and has no shielding.
But why is he getting full speed after 1am?
I think lco capacity is overloaded & changing cable won't solve it.
Best is to change isp if possible. Coz this problem won't solve unless lco want to, not in hand of excitel.
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I am a subscriber of Timbl Broadband, I also faced similar issues last month, my internet gave very less speeds whole day and worked ok during night, after much checking by their staff, the problem was identified from their side as their junction box (which they call master) had a faulty part, so in your case, maybe its something similar
Yes, that is absolutely correct and even I thought some hardware or load balancer issue at LCO site because from last 3 days out of 1 week, I was getting full speed and rest of time only during late night to early morning .

But I do see multiple joints, wire cover tube pealed off and wire was more than couple of year old.

Further on all uncertainty I asked him to replace the wire and eventually it didn't work even after my LCO replaced the wire and he charged money 🙁

But only after fixing at multiple LCO boxes/switches, speed improved .

Based on the recommendation above, I thought to go for other broadband provider but getting other connection is challenging these days because of the Corona virus.

The only reason what I see quality of internet service low with LCO is because of non trained lco staff and lack of testing tools/hardwares.