F.Lux: Nice Utility for Soothing your Eyes if working long hours on computers

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Now Visible in NCR ;)
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Found this small utility while reading some topics on team-bhp.
was already doing this manually but since I installed this flux thingy, I must say its pretty decent and I am loving it.
F.Lux(Better lighting...for your computer)
Once again I would say use it for 2-3 days, you would feel the difference in your eye strain levels,
its not that you would start loving in the first minute.
i have tried using it several times in the past. it just gives me headaches. but that is probably because i work from the basement of the house so there is not much sunlight around here anyways.
i have heard great reviews about it. but it just does not work for me personally.
But this utility works based on time frame and not the ambient lighting.
So I think you already have the room lights adjusted to your taste and screen brightness which makes you little un-comfortable using a software for it.
For me I am finding it little more comfortable although took me a day to see a different screen color/brightness.
It changes the color of your display based on the time. The idea behind it is that the amount of sunlight also changes as per the time of the day. If you are using your computer in a purely artificially lit environment, it really does not do much.
I should add here... It would also be useless if you do not have a fixed schedule of working on your computer. It is basically useless for me because I am an idiot who prefers to work in pitch dark.
F.lux is I believe useful in an environment with artificial lighting. It tries to match the ambient lighting - during day, it matches the sun as you probably don't have lights on and at night it matches your ambient light (or supposed to). I figure this prevents a jarring mismatch between light levels and causes less eye strain. I didn't like it the first few days of use...but, it's on now and I kind of like it. That said, it's not something that is night and day difference to me. If I had never used it, I am sure my life would not be any different 🙂