F670Lv9.0 Telnet Access

idk about netplus, it works on airtel thats for sure
did you get the web ui login username and password?
if you get that you can easily get the telnet access
i just tried it on a newer firmware than yours V9.0.11P1N40 and it worked
For this to work
Default credentials should work. admin:admin or admin:Web@0063. Which in any case the isp blocks after a month or so post new connection.

So it's pretty much pointless to even try this.
Thx. This is one single command on one line. I was wrongly entering it as two lines

python -m venv .venv source ./.venv/bin/activate

I got the username password but upon trying Telnet it says Access Denied at the login itself.
Is there anything else to be done here?


The command reports something like


is & part of the username?

I tried both ways but still Access Denied
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