face shield and other PPE recommendations

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soon I will be travelling need recommendation for face shield, mask, gloves etc
I checked on Amazon most product have poor reviews.

which are recommended brands for these stuff? ah I guess it will be tough to wear N95 in flight for 2 hrs
These are all third class products, being sold at a premium. All the branded stuff is off the shelves to make good margins. You don't have a choice.
those faceshield seems very cheap plastic, more than Rs 100 is too much for them. I will try to check with local pharmacy then.

anyone know which faceshield scoopwhoop journalist use?

soon I will be travelling need recommendation for face shield, mask, gloves etc
Hi, pretty useful forum! I just posted this, a part of a comment, in the team bhp site, also a good forum and well moderated, like here:

The airlines recently quoted statistics that show airtravel is safer than any other modes of transport, to encourage people to use their planes. Pretty misleading, because those figures are from pre Covid 19 times. Also pretty desperate, because that information has been given so many times, people easily saw through the deception. Instead they should have stressed that planes have been quite successful in keeping passengers free of viral infections like flu, being designed from the get go to cope with keeping air in confined spaces healthy for long time periods, both factors contributing to easy transmission of colds and flu. The features that help prevent infection are HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters and down draft ventilation (filtered air moves down from nozzles and vents to extractors in the floor. Aerosols and droplets hit the floor, not even making the 6 feet needed for them to settle on your face. Which by the way still need protection with masks and goggles. Face shields are no protection against viral shedding in aerosol form. PPE suits protect against skin ingress by virus during long stays in environments filled with sloshing liquids that may contain virus samples, like testing labs, so IN MY OPINION, overkill for short flights in relatively dry air spaces. Immediately washing hands and showering when you get home should take care of that latter type exposure, I feel. Medical experts please chime in here if it is not so. What one expert added was that if possible, take two short flights instead of one long one, to reduce time spent in spaces that have suffered a building up of viral matter.
anyone here bought w95 from Wildcraft?

From pics I have seen no mask fit snugly which is very crucial so is n95 really worth it? or normal 3ply should be good enough?

for faceshield this is a good option Steelbird SBA-2 Face Shield,Static Face Protection Shield, Full Face Protector For All Front Line Warriors ( Doctors, Nurses, Police, Shopkeepers, Any staff ) - Protects From Unwanted Bacteria, Viruses And Airborne Infections (Pack Of 2): Amazon.in: Car & Motorbike

not sure about gloves, disposable are too filmsy and I don't know if I can keep latex gloves for too long. any suggestions?

Note: I need this stuff for travelling in flight.