Favorite Beer Brand?

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Social networking needs beer. So, think this is the right channel for this question... I thought of a poll but then realised I do not know that many beer brands. My favorite is Castle Lager. What is yours... 😉
I like all this.. King fisher, haywards beer 5000 , Zingaro Beer and lot more.. are my favourite. hi hi hibut tried only Kingfisher and Castle only...I am not regular drinker like my frinds 😉 But I dont think that social networking needs beer... my friends made me piyakad. 🤔
social networking do not exist without beer. that is a proven fact. you just cant have fun over a bottle of coke or pepsi with dal makhani and nan. you need paneer tikka and murga tangdi and Beer to have fun :lol:
Its not only beer that makes social newwork....Its actually sharaab + "SHABAAB" + Tandoori Chicken = Social Network + Ankhon ki sikaai 🙄 = Pure PPPHHHUUUUUNNNNN 😛 Anybody visited Dance Bars in Mumbai .... I mean NIGHT LOVER or NIGHT QUESS.... Booyyyyyyyy they have got real sexy and horny babes... I'm gonna go there this time ALSO...Anybody wanna join me for my mumbai trip??????? 😛
But man I like to have VODKA (Smirnoff or White Mischief) and Bacardi Lemonate with Tangdi Kabaab and Chicken Tikaa..... yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy its makes a great combo...Saare Piyakkadon ko meri taraf se request hai ki ..... jaldi he we shud program a daaru party....tell me who's in???????
Bus Kya !!!!!! 😱Kya re aur koi nai hai kya apun logo ki daaru party mai...c'mon yar.... get in the party!!!!who else is in??
khajuraho beer, and theres this beer i can recall its name(too drunk) i found @ faridabad brewery it was strong ... it has a label like Haywards 5000 but it read somthing like XXX 50000 nad its strong.Beer is bad, vodka blue, martini, ltt,screw driver, wine, cognac is nice better