Feedback to improve the service quality

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Hi people today i got a mail from sify saying that they are going to improve their service by our feedback.See this
Dear Customer,

In our quest to continuously improve the quality of our service offering, we have initiated a customer satisfaction survey for all customers who have interacted with us. This is extremely critical for us to evaluate and identify areas of improvement, based on your inputs.

We request you to take a few minutes to fill up this brief survey:-

With best regards,

Suchint Murali
Head - Customercare
Yes they've started this feedback system recently, last time the Sify Engg came to my place I had to fill a feedback form when he resolved the problem. Now I'll show them what Customer Care really is 😛
man....i rarely check my sify mails.....time to check what kinda sify spam i get.thanks for the info.
No need for feedback!!I'm thinking of joining Sushubh's gang - switchin over to Airtel (most probably).Astalavista....... Baby!!N one more thing... how come my CTO renewed me with a 256K Night Unlmtd package when I asked him to while its not even available for Chandigarh?
Originally posted by krish_88@Sep 24 2005, 12:21 PM
Suchint Murali
Head - Customercare

Do you think that is a real feedback survey?

Are sify users having problems with cc?

May be they have outsourced the CC and trying to get a real time feedback?

Who cares about the CC's performance. There should be questions instead about Sify's uptime. Who needs persistent downtimes and then bickering with the CC :angry:. I agree, the questionnaire is crap.
they would do better... use some third party software to overwrite the bits and bytes multiple time so that no part is left undeleted on the server. 😀
btw, who do u think are checking the feedbacks (even if they are) has to be the CC guys u know where ur feedback is going 😛 :lol:
they should take the feedback abt the local cable company.............thry are the one who give most of the problem