FibreNetworks 1TB, 2TB, 3TB Seedbox @ 16.99Eur, 24.99Eur & 34.99Eur


[font="verdana;"]FibreNetworks is pleased to offer its BroadbandForum members the following plans:

1) May Special Plan 1 :
HDD : 1000GB
RAM: 2.5GB
Port: 100Mbit Unmetered
Order here

2) May Special Plan 2 :[/font]

[font="verdana;"]HDD: 2000GB
Port: 500Mbit Unmetered
Order here

3) May Special Plan 3 :
HDD: 3000GB
Port: 1000Mbit Unmetered
Order here

Note: All our Servers/Plans are Non-OVH based and come with Quad Core CPU!

Get access to our Latest and New Seedbox GUI.

Here is a preview of our ruTorrent GUI:



We have also pre-setup other applications in the template, below are a few features to name:
-File Browser with HTTP downloading, file streaming, renamer, wGet to grab your files off sites like rapidhare etc

- BNC client also pre-built in for you use, from which you can stay connected to your favorite IRC channels all the time!

and if you dont want to use that give our Java Based built in IRC client a try where you can just login to your IRC channels directly from your VPS!

For any Queries feel free to shoot us an email: [email protected] for any info/question![/font]

[font="verdana;"]Currencies Accepted:[/font]
[font="verdana;"]Modes of Payment:[/font]
[font="verdana;"]Bank Transfer[/font]
[font="verdana;"]Thanks for Looking! 🙂[/font]
1) do u maintain logs of any kind?
2) where are your servers based ?
kickass said:
1) do u maintain logs of any kind?
2) where are your servers based ?
1) We only maintain logs to asists us with ticket support. No other logs of any form are maintained. You are even free to singup using fake information, just a valid email ID is required.
2) We have servers in USA & Netherlands, however the above plans are possible only on the Netherlands servers.
androidfreak said:
You should fix this first.
Sorry about this we are in the process of fixing the SSL certificate. This should be fixed soon.