Firmwares for BSNL Bharat Fiber ONT/ONU/OLT

What the fuck is with the marquee links.
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Something kind of interesting

MD5 values of the 1.0.35 from BSNL: HG323RW_all_1.0.35-200623_NetlinkBsnl_en.tar

a5be00ffb3a57f1a1e0240c69faa0c33 uImage
79dad9d398c097e334f7517e05c9e06e rootfs
889ffce94e71461d4a7bef5e049cb32e fwu_ver

MD5 values of the 1.0.35 @ps111193 got from vsol support : HG323RW_all_1.0.35-200623_NormalSafeProtect_en.tar

96a8c857272e8cb372ef67a129fff5e8 uImage
c8e94f97a772ee1c01297cb30cc7819a rootfs
889ffce94e71461d4a7bef5e049cb32e fwu_ver

Maybe it's the Netlink logo 😛, has just two blank lines removed. I almost hoped they did some BSNL "optimization".
I got NAT options now on my Digisol ONU and a few other small changes. The captcha on login screen is there, hate that.