First Country In The World To Have A 100mbps Broadband Service

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Mr Mike Reynolds, StarHub's head of integrated products and marketing, said: "Singapore will become the first country in the world to have a 100Mbps broadband service commercially available nationwide."

The only catch is that subscribers need to purchase a 100Mbps-ready cable modem at $525 and subscribe to its $121.80 per month (unlimited) MaxOnline Ultimate plan to reach the advertised speeds.

so, when will come to India ? what will price of 100 mbps in India in fututre ???

who satisfied with his connection ? what speed u want at what rate ??? ISPs dont get free bandwidth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
India will get it soon ... with 100MB limit 😛 thats 8 seconds
QUOTE(avinds @ Dec 29 2006, 01:15 PM) [snapback]72228[/snapback]
India will get it soon ... with 100MB limit 😛 thats 8 seconds[/b]

:lol: :lol: 😀
OMG!! that will be 12 mb /sec speed isn't it? ..wish i was born in s'pore 😛h34r:
Yes India can provide this speed with 10 MB limit for the price of just Rs.100,000/- and 30bucks/MB for usage exceeding the limit
forget the above link !!! 😛

I read somewhere : forget kbps, here comes mbps
my take : forget mbps, here comes >>Gbps>

a snapshot for lazy as*es who can't check the link:

1 Gbps = US$ 215/month ( Rs. 9675/-)
100 Mbps = US$ 34/month ( Rs. 1530/-)
10 Mbps = US$ 16/month ( Rs. 720/-)

Now, let's c how BSNL,MTNL,Airtel matches them
You people need to get a clear perspective. Comparing developed nations to India is just stupid. Many factors come into play like the geographical size of our land which is huge , the per capita income which imo is very very important , the role undertaken by the government etc. We have always been behind and it's not going to change soon at least not for the next 3 years so have some patience.Schemes like the 100 Mbps sound insane but realistically speaking not many people will opt for such a costly option. Only hardcore downloading users will benefit from that provided they have that much money.