For six months or more, i do not get the used data information in 198 STV


When i disable mobile data after some time use, i usually get the data used information on top of my mobile. But for the six months or more, i do not get this information. i contacted customer care , and they say, that the issue is being fixed and that is a generall problem.
But in my other phone, when i disable mobile data, i get all the information, i used to get.
I am using 198 data voucher, which gives you 2 gb spped and then at reduced rate speed of internet.
Can i do something in my mobile to get it back or is there a real issue in getting this
Try using ussd code dialing if you can get it. If you call customer care also, It tells the data left right?
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On Airtel sometimes they won't show, sometimes they show up half an hour later, it's really not reliable.

You can either use the USSD code (*124# for bsnl I think) or use some app to count data on the phone itself.

This one is pretty good: Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter - Apps on Google Play

If you set the monthly data cap it will automatically divide how much data you can use per day and adjust it automatically daily with leftover data.
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198 data voucher, which i quoted in my first post, has no data cap. Once 2 g data is used, the speed would be less. My other phone has also the same voucher, but that shows, how much data used when i disable mobile data.
Your app is for capping data usage.
Is there any settings that i would have mishandled to not to get it

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No the app just warns you once you go over the limit, which in your case is 2GB. You can keep track of high speed data.

Maybe reset the phone?
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