Free Us Voip-in Number And Fax, Cool!

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Hello everyone, I found from a friend. Its a very cool product that gives you a free and REAL US number that can be used with any SIP device or softphone. Plus, the voice mails come as MP3's, something I like. They also have fax inside the myacct page.

I also heard through the same friend that they are looking for partners and are giving blocks of US and European numbers to resellers/technology providers in India for [/b]FREE!

Check them out!
....and that same friend told me that u r trying to promote
Lolz whats new in this ??
For more of these sip nos(dids) try
and many more are available for US Dids
Yes these virtual numbers are called Dids
sorry, your wrong, I used IPkall until i found this, because I like MP3 and needed US fax, nothing more.
spam....i think newbies are just opening their own promotions here rather then thir discussions...
and i'm unable to recieve any calls -_-