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2 mbps @ 849NU(MTNL)
can u people suggest me some ftp client which has scheduling coz i am on Mtnl only hight time downloads are free.thanks.`
try smartftp...
thanks for the fast reply.will try it tonight and tell the result tomorrow
it also allows u to hibernate or shutdown ur pc after the upload/download is complete. scheduling however i have never used so cannot tell if it works just fine.u can test it right now and be sure that it would work as per your wishes at night.
the scheduler is not at all good if u can suggest me another one it would be better
thanks for the link but what i want is that it starts and stops at a particular time.cuteftp can start at a particular time but it cannot stop a time.hence , of no use to ma.for smartftp, after i shedule, the scheduler turns off itself.
Try FlashFXP. Maybe that'll fit ur needs. This is what it says in it's feature list
Internal Schedule (Transfer or Stop a queue at a specific time).[/b]