Genexis platinum 4410 BSNL voice issue

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I am using genexis platinum 4410. Incomming call does not ring sometimes and there is delay in connecting outgoing call...BSNL ftth..... Anyone else facing?
Update with this firmware u r problem is solved
Vow.. I am new here. Great forum.
I dont know whether the problem was solved after updating with your above file. My fimware was showing same version 1.38 before and after updating with your above file.
Also I was using long cable from modem output to connect to my phone but now I replaced it with short cable. Will update later. Thanks for help Prabin...
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Issue still not solved...still incomming not ringing sometimes.. Can u please comment on Syrotech modem? Is voice working fine without any issue and how is stability of connection? Is it dual band...
I am serching on a good model with no voice issue, dual band preferred, single band is also fine if voice is perfect. Majority of the models are out of stock now.
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My advise would be buy a simple ONT with a telephone port, but without WiFi capabilities. You can buy a decent WiFi router from D-Link, TP-Link, Linksys, or any other company.

The wifi performance of Syrotech is not great. Infact most Chinese WiFi ONTs suck at wifi performance. As an ONT and voip gateway, it does its job.
There's really no use @prabinattupurat . I tried several possible things including upgrading firmware, changing QoS, binding ports, setting static routes, etc.

The router model is faulty. Not hardware but software fault. And the company isn't really patching it since it's an old model. They have newer gateways now.

My advise would be to stop wasting time with this router and get a different company like Syrotech, Nokia or Huawei.