Getting High Ping On Idea Network Post Network Integration

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Jio, Airtel, Vi(Idea sim)
Sikka Broadband(AS45942)
I am getting high ping on my idea network.Please can anyone provide me a solution for this
@Gaurav_add go to APN settings. Change to ip4 instead of ip4/6.

Also do authentication to none. And change apn address to "www" instead of "internet"
@Gaurav_add there is massive congestion with Voda idea with their DNS resolver pan india. In some circles, this problem is less prevalent like in peak hours late night but in some circles this issues is persistent throughout the day. Vodafone Idea entire traffic is routed to Delhi and then routed to host server. due to extreme congestion, some time jitter is very high and latency too hence packet from host do not reach device IP. Plus it is going though many hops which increases its latency further. They have stopped all investment in increasing capacity due to health of the company.

Use any app tool to check how many hops are their in Voda idea network and you will be surprise. For gamers it is pathetic network. Pings dont reach on time.
Better to port out if Latency is your issue. best network for Latency is Airtel followed by jio. But i would prefer Jio for hassle free experience of overall connection. Airtel can be pain sometimes. Buy a prepaid sim of both and check whose network coverage is better at your home

@cooltexas60s Coverage of every service provider is excellent at my house as I have two towers very near to me. So coverage is not an issue. I will port as soon as the company ceases to exist. I have reached for 56 days which will end on august 15. So before that I have to deal with these shitty guys.
@cooltexas60s what are hops? I don’t know about these things please tell me.
Hops are basically intermediate route(through nodes) taken by data packets to reach the final destination.

Eg. when you request ping or request then through which nodes(route) your packet gets travel is hop. So less hops generally means better.

if you use Linux/Mac then "traceroute" command else for windows use "tracert".


So to reach google server my data packets passes through 10 intermediate node before reaching me vice versa.

PS: I am behind NAT (Vodafone 4G)

Also coverage is not only one factor which can affect the speeds, pings etc. you also need to consider user congestion, load balancing capacity of the tower site, etc.

Eg. For Jio I get best signal -65dBm then Vodafone but due to congestion I get poor speeds as compared to Vodafone where signal is relatively weaker then Jio.