Getting random speed test results.

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Hi to all forum members and hope you are all safe and sound.
Recently I got BSNL fiber installed in my house, The plan is 60Mbps and I was getting around 50 to 60 mbps. From yesterday afternoon I ma getting only around 2mbps to 5mbps speed.
My TX /RX have did not change :
Laser Device Info
Tx Power1.996483 dBm
Rx Power-24.089354 dBm
Temperature39.695313 C
Voltage3.347200 V
Bias Current16.350000 mA

I have spoke with the LCO and he said the exchange is working on the issue but only thing which bothered me was inconsistent speed test results especially with opensignal app. As I was suspecting the ping time good as always at 20ish ms. but speed only dropped so I think it must be something to do with configuration on somewhere and I need to understand what is happening where.
My location is INDIA->Tamilnadu->Thanjavur->kumbkonam.
Below are the speedtest screenshots as you can see the opensignal download speed is 60ishmbps and speetest is below 1mbps. Any help is really appreciated and thanks in advance.

Speedtest result screenshot: Screenshot-20210601-223608
opensignal speedtes screenshot : Screenshot-20210601-223653

Hope your problem resolved, if yes can you please help me to understand how?
I also facing similar issue and posted at below link