Getting the EasySify Client to work

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I have a Linksys WRT54G Router and EasySify keeps giving me an Invalid Session ID. Ryan, is this the error message you're getting? I haven't tried without the router though...

Ryan, in the meanwhile - you can try the other alternative - SuperSify, I use it with my router; again - the router does not allow heartbeat responses to get through - but as long as the beats are sent fine, it will keep you logged on.

SuperSify v0.52

Yeah I get invalid session. But for some stupid reason, it was working earlier and again stopped. Strange thing. Also, I would use supersify, except that it comes up in a MS DOS thing and just says to press any key to exit. I don't know how to even use it.
Dude, All the instructions for SuperSify are on the site above. In brief, create a shortcut to the programedit the shortcut's properties and in the target box ADD this to the existing contents-u ryan -p coolwhere "ryan" is your username and "cool" is your p@$$word.Have fun,IP.
Possibly you are on a different SAM I.P than whats being used by EasySify.That problem is fixed in v1.1 😀

why dont ya take the sam server ip evrytime frm there .xml wuld altogeather remove the need for updates. 🙄